LAUREN is a human intelligent smart home. Lauren will visit your home, deploy a series of smart devices, and watch over you remotely 24/7. Lauren will control your home for you, attempting to be better than an AI, understanding you as a person. You will be able to interact with her by calling her name, but she will also do things for you without your asking. She will learn faster than an algorithm, adapting to your desires and anticipating your needs.

How do I get LAUREN?

You can sign up for LAUREN by clicking the "GET LAUREN" link below. You will be asked to record a short video explaining why you want to try LAUREN. Lauren will follow up with you to talk more about it, and if you like, schedule a time to try LAUREN. Your trial will take place in your own home and will last three days.

How does it work?

LAUREN begins with Lauren physically visiting your home and installing a collection of networked device objects, including cameras, sensors, outlets, faucets, door locks, lights, and other electronic devices. She will discuss with you what you hope to get from LAUREN.

From that point on, LAUREN remotely watches over you 24/7 using the installed cameras and sensors. You are able to direct via voice command as you would Siri or Alexa. However, she can also anticipate your needs and learn to accommodate your desires. LAUREN will control your home remotely using the installed networked switches and devices.


View more documentation of the performance and project here.


LAUREN is a performance piece created by Lauren Lee McCarthy. The experience is interactive, meaning you can participate by inviting LAUREN into your home for a performance. The LAUREN Testimonials film and 360 photography by David Leonard. This project was was developed as part of the Sundance Institute’s New Frontier Residency Program with the World Building Institute and Pigeon Hole Productions and supported in part by a grant from Turner Broadcasting and the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. For more information, contact

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What city do you live in? 

From Nov 16-19, LAUREN will do a special version where participants can book a one night stay in LAUREN's apartment in LA. You will have a sleepover and wakeup experience remotely assisted by LAUREN. If you want to try this version, check here.

Please record a short video explaining why you want to try LAUREN, and describing what is unique about your home. Click "RECORD" when you are ready. Or, write your response instead.